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Immortalise your baby’s first days with a Newborn Portrait experience and let me create memories which you will treasure. 

Newborn photography is an art, capturing the first few days of your newborn’s life takes experience, skill, understanding and creativity. One of the most rewarding aspects to newborn photography is immortalising your first family portrait - seeing your reaction when you see your tiny bundle in your arms is a close second.

Your baby is so tiny and we quickly forget just how small they were - they change so much in the first few months. Choose the Newborn experience and let me start creating memories for you that will last a lifetime.

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Newborn portraits take place within the first 6-12 days as your baby will tend to sleep more soundly and be more easily posed. After the first two weeks, baby acne and colic can start to appear and babies become less settled.

Newborn sessions are held in the morning as this is when your baby is most calm – the effort of learning continuously throughout the day is very taxing for your newborn and they will be become fussier as the day wears on.

As newborns are only photographed in the morning, availability is limited. It’s best to book early, when you’re 6-7 months pregnant to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Les séances photo de naissance se réalisant uniquement le matin, il n’y a peu de créneaux disponibles. Il est conseillé de réserver votre séance de nouveau-né tôt, pendant le 6 ou 7ieme mois de grossesse si possible, pour assurer que vous pourriez réaliser vos photos de bébé pendant la période recommandée pour votre nouveau-né. 

Your Newborn Portrait Session

Your newborn portrait experience is much more than a simple photoshoot. I take a personalised approach to newborn photography, carefully crafting and personalising your session to be perfect for you and your family.

The newborn session is designed with you and your baby’s comfort in mind. The session is 2hrs long, giving us plenty of time to take breaks to feed your little one and to let them fall into a deep sleep – nothing is rushed.

The studio is heated for your baby’s comfort and I have a range of backgrounds and accessories that you can choose for your newborn.

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Your Newborn portrait session is much more than a simple photo shoot. A lot of work that goes into creating exquisite newborn portraits - the sessions are carefully designed to reflect your personal style, your newborn is expertly (and safely) posed during the photo shoot and your photos are individually carefully and skilfully retouched before final delivery.

Maternity and Newborn package – 199€ (save 49€)

Kids love to see where they come from – the Maternity & newborn package provides you (and your children) the opportunity to see the before and after. They will marvel at the size and shape of your belly, trying to visualise how they possibly fit there and then they will be amazed at how tiny they were when they were a baby.
The package includes
  • Your Consultation: this is where we’ll discuss your expectations and desires for both shoots. By holding only one consultation for the two sessions, you will save time and it will enable us to discuss options to link the two portrait sessions together, such as before and after shots.
  • 1hr Maternity Photo Session
  • 2hr Newborn Photo session
  • Photo viewing and ordering sessions: You are welcomed back after each session to a private screening of the gorgeous portraits from your session. There’s no need to wait until your baby is born to see your maternity portraits. I can virtually project your portraits on the walls in your home, giving you the confidence that the portraits you choose will look perfect in your own home.
  • Two 15 x 21cm portraits: You will receive one beautifully presented 15 x 21cm portrait (valued at 50€ each) from each session as a gift for booking with me.
By purchasing the package, you save money and time. It also gives you peace of mind that your newborn session is ready for when your baby arrives, even if they decide to arrive early.

    Newborn Portrait Session – 149€

    • Your Consultation: Your newborn portrait experience starts with a consultation, in my Tullins photo studio. During the appointment we will talk about what you’re looking for from your newborn portrait. I’m also there to answer any questions you may have.
    • Portrait session: Your two-hour portrait session in my photo studio, heated for your newborn’s comfort.
    • Photo viewing and ordering session: This is your private screening of the beautiful portraits from your session. Your photos will be projected onto a big screen and you will have the opportunity to order your favourite photos from the session. You will also be able to see what your photos will look like on your own walls, giving you the confidence that the artwork you choose will look perfect in your home.
    • One 15 x 21cm portrait: You will receive one beautifully presented portrait (valued at 50€) as a present for booking with me.

    Want to know more about your portrait experience?

    Now that you understand a bit more about newborn photography, please visit my portrait experience page to find out what to expect during each step of your experience and about how I work.

    Newborn portfolio

    Visit my newborn portfolio to see examples of my work.


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