Create precious memories with a family portrait experience.

Have you noticed how hard it is to take a family photo with everyone in it? There’s either always someone missing… mum, dad, the grandparents etc as they’re the ones holding the camera so you end up having an almost family portrait or you use a tripod, have to rush back to re-join the group (hoping not to trip on the way back), wait for what feels like an eternity until the shutter clicks with a smile that quickly starts feeling fake, praying not to need to retake the photo until everyone looks good in it.

This is where I come in. As a professional family photographer, I am there to advise you, to bring out your best and to capture timeless family photos that you will treasure for years to come

Clairede Groot Photographe Famille

Your family portrait experience

Your family portrait is far more than a mere photoshoot – it’s a tailor-made experience that’s designed to bring out your best and to create memories you will cherish forever. No cheesy grins, definitely no “cheese” or “Ouistiti” as they say in France. Instead I use other techniques to elicit a genuine smile or other emotions after all not everyone needs to smile in photos (or look at the camera for that matter) – some of the best photos are taken when you interact with each other, forgetting that the camera is there …

Your family portrait can be held in my photo studio in Tullins in Isère or outdoors in a location that is special for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which option to choose – we’ll discuss it together and go over the pros and cons of each option when we meet up for your consultation (the planning meeting).

When’s the best time to have your family portrait taken?

Kids change so much and grow so quickly, the best time to get your family portrait is now!

I know that you will look back over the photos in the years to come and remember the fun you had during the session. It’s also amazing to see how much your children have changed (and grown) since the photos were taken!

Kids also love seeing themselves in photos ESPECIALLY when you’re in the images with them. My little one loves paging through our family album, seeing herself with us and pointing out who’s on each page.

Clairede Groot Photographe Famille3


Your family portrait experience is much more than a simple photoshoot. Family photography requires a great deal of skill, time and creativity – the ability to herd children also comes in handy.

Great portraits do not happen by accident! Your portrait experience is the result of careful preparation, designed to reflect your family’s personal style. Your family photos are carefully and individually retouched before final delivery.

Family Portrait Session – 99€

  • Consultation: Your family portrait experience starts with a consultation, in my Tullins studio. During the consultation we chat about what you’re looking for in your family portrait, go over styles, colours and clothing options.  
  • Portrait session: Your 1hr portrait session can take place in my Tullins photo studio or outdoors – it’s up to you.
  • Photo viewing and ordering session: You’re welcomed back to the studio for a private screening of the gorgeous portraits from your family portrait session. Your photos will be projected onto a large screen and this is your opportunity to order your favourite photos. I use a special application which enables me to project your portraits virtually on the walls of your home, helping you visualise how your artwork will look like in your own home.
  • One 15 x 21cm portrait: You will receive one beautifully presented portrait (valued at 50€) as a gift for booking with me.

Want to know more about your portrait experience?

Please visit my portrait experience page to discover each step of your portrait experience and to discover more about how I work.

Family Portfolio

Visit my family portrait portfolio to see beautiful family photos taken in my photo studio or outdoors. 


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