Pregnancy is a special time in your life, a time of anticipation, a time of special moments. Your body is undergoing wonderful changes and you’re developing gorgeous curves – why not immortalise this time with a maternity portrait?

Maternity Left


Maternity photography is all about timing with sessions taking place between the 28th and 34th week.

This is when your belly is beautiful and round, your hair is rich and thick and your breasts are fuller. You will also have regained some of your energy.

If you have a multiple pregnancy, your session would take place a little earlier, usually before the 30th week.

Your Maternity Portrait Session

Your maternity portrait session is so much more than a simple photo shoot, it’s an experience. The session is carefully designed for you which will, with the careful application of controlled lighting, create gorgeous images for you and your unborn child to treasure.

When you choose me as your maternity photographer, you will be guided through your carefully crafted and personalised 1hr portrait session and will be able to choose gowns and accessories from my collection. Your portrait session can be held my photo studio in Tullins or outdoors.  


While you and your baby belly will be the star of the show, why not include dad and the kids in the session to create some beautiful memories?

Hair and Makeup

To ensure you look your best, I would be happy to arrange for my professional makeup artist and hairdresser to do your hair and makeup.



Your Maternity portrait session is much more than a simple photoshoot.

Maternity photography requires a great deal of skill, time and creativity. Your session is the result of careful planning, designed to reflect your personal style. Your portraits are carefully and individually retouched before final delivery.

Maternity and Newborn package – 199€ (save 49€)

Interested in creating memories before and after your baby arrives? My Maternity and Newborn package is perfect for you. The package includes
  • Your Consultation where we’ll discuss your expectations and needs for both shoots. By combining the consultations, you not only save time but it also enables us to consider options which tie the two portrait sessions together, such as before and after shots if that fits in with your vision.
  • 1hr Maternity Portrait Session
  • 2hr Newborn Portrait session
  • Photo viewing and ordering sessions: You are invited back to the studio after your maternity session and your newborn session to a private screening of the beautiful portraits from your session (so you don’t have to wait until your baby is born to see your maternity portraits). Your portraits can be projected virtually on the walls in your home, giving you the confidence that the artwork you choose will look perfect in your home
  • Two 15 x 21cm portraits: You will receive one beautifully presented 15 x 21cm portrait (valued at 50€ each) from each session as a gift for booking with me.
By purchasing the package, you save money and time. You can also relax as you know that your newborn session is ready for when you baby arrives.

Maternity Portrait Session – 99€

  • Your Consultation: Your Maternity portrait starts with a consultation, in the studio at Tullins. During the consultation we chat about what you’re looking for in your maternity portrait.
  • Portrait session: A one-hour portrait shoot which can take place in my Tullins photo studio or outdoors.
  • Photo viewing and ordering session: This is your private screening of the beautiful portraits from your session. Your images will be projected onto a large screen and you will have the opportunity to order your favourite images. I can also project your portraits on the walls in your home, giving you the confidence that the piece you choose will look perfect in your home.
  • One 15 x 21cm portrait: You will receive one beautifully presented portrait (valued at 50€) as a present for booking with me.

Maternity Portfolio

Visit my maternity portfolio to see pregnancy portraits, taken in my photo studio or outdoors.


Want to know more about your portrait experience?

Now that you know a little about Maternity photography, please visit my portrait experience page to find out what to expect during each step of your experience and to discover more about how I work.

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