What to expect before, during and after your big day

Before (The Preparation) 

The first thing we do is get together to find out what you’re looking for. This initial meeting is essential as it enables us to get to know each other and it lets me discover your expectations and wishes, to give you some tips and, most importantly, answer your questions!!! Knowing your tastes and what you’re after, are integral to developing the wedding photography plan that exceeds your expectations.

The next step in the process is the Engagement shoot, which is included in all wedding packages.

Engagement shoot

What is an engagement shoot? It is a couple’s photo shoot, usually held outdoors (but can also take place in my studio in Tullins).

Why is it important to do an engagement shoot? To get to know each other but also to familiarise you with being photographed, to learn to relax before the camera. We’ll create some lovely memories together while at the same time preparing you for your big day.


On your wedding day (The Main Event)

The big day is finally here. All your meticulous preparation has finally come to fruition. Family and dear friends arrive to share this wonderful day with you. By engaging the services of a professional wedding photographer, you have made the choice of quality, efficiency and discretion.

From the bridal preparations to the cocktail party, I will be there to document the precious moments: the beauty of the bride, the ceremony (at the Town Hall (Mairie) as well as any secular or religious ceremonies) and, of course, intimate moments with family and friends. The accessories and decorations, which you’ve spent months agonising over, won’t be forgotten. They will be carefully photographed along with the venue you have chosen to ensure that all aspects of your big day are faithfully preserved.

I will use all of my talent and my expertise to immortalise the promise you make to each other. Every moment is unique, every gesture, every emotion revealed…


After the Wedding, the “Day After” couple shoot 

The wedding was beautiful, the guests, deeply moved, have experienced moments they will never forget, and the icing on the cake, you will have gorgeous photos to show them. But wait, you’re not done yet! After having been put at ease with your Engagement Shoot and the strong emotions of your wedding day, it’s time to take your first portrait as a married couple.

The stress of the wedding is finished, your guests have left and now it’s time for yourselves. Prepare to don your wedding dress and suit one last time and get ready to express yourselves in front of the camera.

Why have your couple shoot the day after (or even a few days after) your wedding? Your wedding day is one full of emotion but also can be a little stressful – worrying about all the little details that go into planning your perfect day. This stress coupled with the desire not to leave your guests alone to fend for themselves while you’re off being photographed, some of whom will have travelled a long way to celebrate with you, make the “Day After” couple shoot a very attractive proposition. 

Trash the Dress Session

Want to try something different for your first photo shoot as a married couple? How about a “Trash the dress” shoot? You may have heard about this but what is involved? You no longer need to worry about keeping your dress and suit immaculate, now it’s time to let your hair down! Do you like to cycle, ride a horse or ride a motorbike? Why not ride into the sunset in your wedding clothes? Perhaps you’d like to go rock climbing or maybe go for a swim in your dress? Express yourselves and your passions in a unique couple photo shoot and create amazing memories and art that you, your family and friends will adore.


Séance « Trash the dress »

Que diriez-vous d’une séance photo « Trash the dress » ? Vous vous posez logiquement la question : mais en quoi consiste cette séance ? Oui oui ! Vous avez bien compris ! C’est parti pour un moment fun, voire déjanté ! Libre de vos mouvements vous pouvez aller jusqu’à salir vos vêtements. Finie la blancheur immaculée de votre robe de mariée et en avant l’aventure ! Vous aimez l’équitation et souhaiteriez monter à cheval tout en portant vos habits de mariage ? Peut-être préfèreriez-vous chevaucher une moto ou vous mettre à l’eau le temps d’une petite nage ? Vous l’aurez compris, après les émotions fortes du jour J, laissez-vous aller aux plaisirs et aux joies simples d’une séance photos personnalisée, originale, décalée.

Phase 3 – where the magic happens

Want to know what happens next? Visit the Photos and Album page to find out.

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