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Welcome to Claire de Groot Photographe, professional photographer located near Grenoble and Voiron in Isère. 

See yourself in a whole new light

Would you like to see yourself as your family and friends do? Many of us are all too hard on ourselves, seeing only our perceived faults and short comings. Too often we do not see ourselves like our friends and family.

I want to help you see yourself for how you really are – to see the real you. I want to show you how others see you and help you see yourself in a whole new light.

Personalised Photo Shoots 

Capturing a person’s essence, their passion and personality, takes time – it is not something that can be rushed. Before every photo shoot, I take the time to meet with my client, to get to know them, to find out what makes them tick. I want to see how I can bring out the best in them.

During the shoot, I take my time to make sure my subject is comfortable and relaxed. I take a range of photos, varying the positions and outfits, changing backgrounds and props to create a diverse group of photos my client will love. 

The work doesn’t finish once the shoot is done. Only the best photos of the shoot are selected and each is individually retouched and finished in a style that complements the mood of the photo.

About Your Photographer

Photography has been part of my life for as long as I remember. I love capturing a moment in time, whether it’s an intimate moment within a family or an instant that showcases an athlete’s passion and dedication to their sport.

A portrait specialist, I am one of the few photographers who also specialise in sports portrait. Since moving to France in 2014, I have had the pleasure of photographing athletes from all walks of life – from amateurs to world champions and Olympic athletes.

Having lived in Australia for many years, with French heritage, I am completely bilingual, at ease with photographing clients in English or French.

Take a look at my portrait and sports portrait portfolios and see please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss how I can help you bring out your inner beauty.

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